Artem Lobov Vs Cub Swanson;Why the underdog has no chance

It has been a growing debate about whether the sparring partner of Conor McGregor has any chance against the fast fists of Cub Swanson.

Well as a matter of fact No!

We expect a harsh beating inside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The both fighters will meet each other in UFC Night 108.

Swanson traces back his record to fight of the year 2016 in December against Doo Ho Choi where he won by unanimous decision.

On the other hand The Russian Hammer has won two consecutive fights against Chris Avila and Teruto Ishihara both by unanimous decision.

Keeping in all these in consideration,it is obvious that Lobov is being more ambitious than required.Cub Swanson has openly vowed to teach Lobov a lesson about how he should respect the fighters to whom he is no match.

Lobov on the other hand has the opinion that he has got the most powerful pair of hands in featherweight category even the Champion doesn’t match his force.He also says that Cub Swanson has never in his life experienced a force he is going to come across on April 22nd at Bridgestone Arena. 

Cub Swanson has fought against the famous power hitters Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes but Lobov still believes that he is the strongest in the game.

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Artem Lobov Vs Cub Swanson;Why the underdog has no chance

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