Few reasons why Johson was all over Reis

These are a few of the many reasons of why Demetrious Johnson won the fight so easily against Wilson Reis and why he was all over him in the cage.

1.Technique and Composure
Just take another look at the fight.This time checking how the fighters were moving around in the cage.Demetrious Johnson was so elegant and composed in his moments that he set off Wilson Reis every time he landed a punch or kicked.Also he wasn’t panicking which proved a lot helpful for him because he was looking for chance to hit instead of just throwing punches in midair.

2.Staying out of reach
As he is quite famous for this too,Demetrious Johnson stayed out of reach of Wilson Reis.He hit and restored his ground. He made sure he didn’t stumble or lose his foot during attacking and held his posture while defending too.He would just hit Reis hard and then made him run after himself which proved quite annoying for Reis quite evident from his body language during the fight.

During the whole fight,Wilson Reis was desperate to hit Johnson.He ran after him just to get hammered by the “Mighty Mouse” on contact.His accuracy while hitting was too low and he seldom made hard impact on Johnson’s body.While on the other hand Johnson was careful enough to pick his spot and struck with good force.Most of his attempts were triumphant and he showed his skills during the whole fight.

4.Less Convulsive movements
If you watched the fight closely then you will agree with me that Wilson Reis was moving too much.His hands and face moved convulsively and it may have drained him out during the closing seconds of the fight.Also he might be trying to confuse Johnson but Johnson held his nerves and attacked with great technique.

5.Psychological Advantage
In the fight it was quite evident as what is going through the minds of the fighters.The gestures of Johnson showed that “Look here!I am the Champ” while Reis wasn’t sure if he could really win against Johnson in UFC fight of the night.The pre match analysis and reports may have added to his fear.

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Few reasons why Johson was all over Reis

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