“Mighty Mouse” wins by a great kick show


A winning pose after a textbook arm bar

A splendid kick show ends up with Demetrious Johnson improving his UFC records by one more win against Wilson Reis with submission just before the end of Round 3 by a textbook arm bar thus equalling the record of longest winning streak of former middleweight fighter Anderson Silva.More significantly Reis also experienced his first submission in his UFC career.
The Brazilian jujutsu was looking very aggressive in the start of the match but the right inner kick worked very well for Demetrious Johnson.During the whole fight he was down for just a fraction of a second while otherwise he showed the world why he is one of the greatest fighters living on planet Earth. He allowed Reis to come closer every time he ran around the cage looking for his chance to strike.Reis followed him all the time only to be hit bitterly and pounded with his fast punches and frequent kicks just under his elbow.In the third round Johnson was all over Reis mostly on ground with punches and elbows enabling submission just near the closing seconds of Round 3.
Johnson ended up victorious, mostly unhurt and the greatest fighter in the UFC.

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“Mighty Mouse” wins by a great kick show

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